Even though actors are obviously the most important part of developing a character, obviously costumes are a major factor when bringing a character to life as it can really help actors with their performances, or make characters completely laughable. Costumes are one of the main tools directors can lean on when telling a story and helping develop a unique personality for each character or help people understand a given context and hide the identity of the people behind the mask.

Therefore, the process of creating a costume is as complex and long as they get. Costume designers have an even more gruesome task than fashion designer because the wardrobe will be used to help shape a story and a personality. In order to help an actor, make everybody feel like his character is real, wardrobe and costume designers must really know how that character is, what he’s intending to show, and how he’ll do it. Also, characters need to have a lot of different clothing throughout an entire film in order to make them more realistic as well, and it needs to be consistent so that it can convey a given personality or they will jeopardize the integrity of such character.

The Process of Design

When designing wardrobe and costumes for a movie, all designers must be well aware of the script. They must study what happens and how it happens on every scene, as well as the temporary context of the story. What’s the character like? What part does he play on the movie? What’s his motivation? Who’s going to play this character in the movie? These are just a handful of the questions a designer must ask themselves before meeting with the director to discuss any ideas. After going step by step to review those few things, a designer must undergo a deep and vast investigation in order to find inspiration to create the designs and costumes for the upcoming film.

For instance, if a movie’s going to happen on a specific date, like, World War II, designers must research magazines, books, websites, and whatnot, to find out everything about the fashion of that given context, depending on where the history takes place. Also, designers must be well aware of the different cultures around the world, as an executive in New York City won’t necessarily dress the same way an executive in India or Africa dresses. When it comes to creating futuristic costumes, things get even more intense, as designers are way freer, but they’d also have to be aware of some clichés about the future to try and make their characters more realistic.

In the end, it will all come down to choosing things that stand out but that won’t take all of the attention. A visual design that will help the actor have a complement to show what they’re intending to show at all times. That’s why costumes are so important in the film industry, even if most people take designers for granted when talking about how well a film is done.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : October 14, 2019
  • Category : COSTUME DESIGN