Method acting is intense and is a go-to weapon for any on-screen character/performing artist worth his/her salt. It requires ability, steadiness and a massive level of devotion. No big surprise, just an élite class of on-screen characters have figured out how to perform this role and sparkle splendidly on-screen. We drill down a couple of these stalwarts who for various motion pictures have grasped the extreme shroud of strategy acting. Here is the rundown of best ten strategy performers of present and past.

Shia LeBeouf

Shia LeBeouf

The American Idol/actor is famous among nerds and teenagers as Sam Witwicky in the profoundly fruitful Transformer film establishment. However, this on-screen business character took technique acting to the following level with his widely praised exhibitions in motion pictures like Disturbia (2007), Charlie Countryman (2013) and Nymphomaniac (2013). In spite of the fact that his multi character-shade depiction in ‘Disturbia’ was met with exceptionally positive audits, it took two movies in 2013 to push him into the specific club of technique performers. In Nymphomaniac, he continued to have actual sex with Mia Goth (whom he later wedded) on the screen to achieve the feeling of authenticity in this crude, challenging film.

Jared Leto

The pundits and the group of onlookers aren’t friendly to him generally, his most recent strategy acting idiosyncrasies procuring him more despise than adoration. In any case, his dedication in the quest for a perfect character has landed him in places where just a few in the business can consider going. Jared Leto has done everything only for flawlessness, and this adoration towards his specialty is estimable. He has shed pounds quickly and picked up them back with measure up to élan. Jared has lived in the city and here and there in complete separation, making a sociopath like a persona. For ‘Memorial of a Dream,’ where he had assumed the part of medication, someone who is addicted, he surrendered sex for two months (in a relationship with Cameron Diaz) and shed 25 pounds.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is a standout amongst the most underrated and dedicated on-screen characters to have at any point graced the silver screen. His commitment is unparalleled and his aptitudes before the camera irrefutable. He has taken the mantle of technique acting and gave everything to be in the character he should play. He lives, inhales and talks like his anecdotal partner, making an individual effort to fit in. He got his first Academy grant assignment for the economically fruitful film ‘Gladiator,’ where he played second fiddle to Russell Crowe. His execution as the degenerate usurper Commodus realized essential approval in a part that was rationally and physically debilitating

Heath Ledger

The Australian free thinker gave some splendid exhibitions all through his profession, most quite with ‘The Patriot’ in the year 2000 and Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain. His part as the gay Wyoming farm hand Ennis Del Mar realized acclamations from faultfinders and gathering of people alike, with some of them contrasting his on-screen nearness with the legend Marlon Brandon himself.


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  • Date : February 23, 2018
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