Everybody knows Broadway, the glittering spectacle of New York City, it is one of the greatest place to see live entertainment and stage productions. Perhaps only the West End of London can possibly compete as the center of world theater, but what about the other cities in the U.S?

All over the United States are regional and community theaters that provide fist class entertainment and host classic productions. So perhaps the next time you fancy seeing a play or musical you should try somewhere different.

The Cleveland Play House

Cleveland might not be the first city that comes to mind when you are thinking about theater productions. But the Cleveland Play House is over a hundred years old and during that time has been producing top class entertainment for the good citizens of Cleveland. The Play House has been involved with more than thirteen hundred productions and has entertained more than twelve million theater goers. Big stars have made their name at this great old theater, Margaret Hamilton, Alan Alda, and Paul Newman all began their illustrious careers in Cleveland.

Arena Stage

This Washington theater has a long history of producing excellent productions and it was the first American theater to receive the very prestigious Outstanding Regional Theater Tony Award. And it was also the first regional theater to bring a production to Broadway which was called The Great White Hope. The Arena Stage company focuses on producing material that highlights the diversity of America, in original and classical productions. The Arena Stage has had many homes but now is permanent at the auspicious Mead Center for American Theater in Washington D.C.

Berkley Repertory Theaters

The Repertory Theater of Berkely has grown its reputation for producing Broadway bound shows since its inception in 1968. It probably is most famous for hosting the world premiere of American Idiot the hit Michael Mayer production. The theater is very much community orientated and offers workshops as well as creating new and original productions that feature up-and-coming artists. It is estimated that through its workshop programs that the theater has assisted in a quarter of a million acting careers.

Paper Mill Playhouse

This once former actual paper mill in New Jersey has been instrumental in kick starting major acting careers. Kristin Chenoweth and Rob Marshall both first trod the boards at this theater. It has been making hit productions since Antoinette Scudder first opened the theater back in 1934.

The Paper Mill is recognized as a Theater for Everybody, or so its promotions campaigns proclaim. It does provide its fair share of children’s performances plus special sensory-friendly productions for kids with autism and other disabilities.

All these theaters may not have the glamour of Broadway but they serve their local communities with passion. Without these regional theater productions then many stars of the screen and stage would have never been heard of, and the development of local talent would not have taken place. Community theater is the corner stone on which professional theater is built and some of the old traditional buildings that house the production companies are local landmarks and have been so for decades.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : July 31, 2018