If you dedicate yourself to the world of interpretation, you will know what we mean. Whether it is for a particular role or for an actor’s job pool, castings are a basic component of the profession. To help you when you have to prepare for a casting, or to take the little tests of daily life, we’ll give you the keys that will help you achieve success.


We love putting drama into life, we love theater for a reason. But the reality is that submitting yourself to so much pressure is not going to help you at all in a casting. This is not the only cast you’re going to take, nor does your life depend on it. Don’t let expectations block you. On the contrary, think that theater is a team effort and that the director wants to find an actor as much as you want to be given that character. You need each other, and in the casting, you’re proving yourself to be the actor they want, and they show you they’re the play you want to act for.

Learn Your Lines Like a Prayer

It’s good that Marlon Brando’s lines were given by teleprompter, but did you know that not all the directors thought that the idea of ​​working with Brando was so attractive?

Don’t risk making a bad impression (remember that in a casting you don’t have too much time to make yourself known) and prepare the role as best you can; If the director wants you to improvise, he will ask for it. Also, knowing the lines by heart will give you extra confidence in yourself. When it comes to getting ready, don’t be ashamed to ask for help, the advice of a coach or even a friend who sees you from outside can come in handy!

Enjoy the Casting

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel good: it can be your room, a paradisiacal landscape, a bar, a train. Catch that feeling of well-being and take it with you to the audition. At the end of the day (although at that moment you don’t remember), you are there because you have chosen it yourself. Yes, you, so, why don’t you have a good time?

Life Goes on

Call your parents, your girlfriend, and your interpretation teacher, tell them how you did (only once), and forget about the casting. To mentally review your intonations, that reaction of the director or asking your friends if they see you on paper won’t get the character, and you may end up without friends. Life goes on. Take up your rehearsals, your training, go back to the theater and let the response of that casting take you by surprise. If you have been given the role, the unexpected news will give you an even sweeter touch, and if not, at least you won’t have suffered in vain while waiting.

You’re the Best!

Look in the mirror and repeat this phrase whether you have been selected or not, you are the best! No one can offer what you offer, and that makes you unique. The positive energy that this will give you will help you not only in a casting but in life. Confidence embellishes and attracts, and after all that is what it is about, is not it?


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : March 13, 2019
  • Category : ACTOR