Theatres are one of the fascinating things people sought for as a means of entertainment at any location or when trying to plan a trip to a new destination. It’s normal to see a play or a musical when one is visiting a new country or city. All over the U.S., community theatres offer excellent production, American and world premieres, new revivals and newcomers all year round.  Community theatres around the U.S. renovate and expand regularly, and this has made the States be one of the preferred destination for lovers of plays and musicals. Despite the technology age where we can stream and download our favourite entertainment without having to move an inch from our home, community theatre still holds their place in the entertainment industry.  In this article, there are 10 of the gratifying shows all across the U.S.


This historic theatre located at Cleveland, Ohio, is the very first American professional regional theatre and it was established in 1915. The playhouse recently celebrated their centenary in the year 2015, and over the years the stage can boast of producing 100 world/American premiers and a ground-breaking total of around 1600 production that is said to be seen by an estimated 12 million people. Cleveland Playhouse is also known for their award-winning talent hunt program aimed at picking out the next generation actors. It is worthy to note that the playhouse kick-started the cares of famous actors like Paul Newman, Eleanor Parker, and Alan Alda. The playhouse has shown strong commitment to bring original, contemporary and classic shows to the theatre scene in the U.S. Their passion for fostering creativity in the next generation has earned them a reputation as one of the most magnificent community theatres in the country.


Situated in Glendale, California U.S., the Alex Theatre is a community theatre owned by the city of Glendale and the Glendale Arts operate it. The Theatre has been the centre of attraction of the cities arts and culture with a vital role in the community programming. Alex theatre has a diverse schedule all through the year that boosts around 250 events and 130,000 patrons every year. The program at Alex include classical, world music concerts, live comedy, live theatre to film screenings among others, the Alex theatre also hosts award shows, fundraisers, and other special events. They also frequently used the location for commercial and film production. Visit for more info.


The Arena stage founded in1950 is the stepping stone of some notable Hollywood actors like Kelvin Kline, Jon Voight, and James Earl Jones. The theatre is known for excellence, and it was the first ever to receive the “Outstanding Regional Theatre Tony Award”. Arena Stage was also the first to bring a show Broadway with the movie The Great White Hope. The film focused on the country’s diversity, and the company set their eyes firmly on providing classic production along with original work. The current season at the Arena Stage is particularly fascinating from the creation of King Hedley II to the premiere of the Originalist. The Stage is in Washington D.C.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : October 20, 2017