When we think of the movie industry, it is somehow natural to imagine that the main hub is in Hollywood, California. Indeed, some of the most popular movies are made here but the story is much more complex than that. There are many other countries and movie studios all over the world that manage to create some amazing films each year. We have to remember that there are various studios all over the world and some of the movies that made history were not only American. Let’s take a look at the countries that shape this famed industry, aside from Hollywood.


This county is the second largest movie producer in the world after the United States. The total box office income rises above the sum of 6.6 billion dollars a year. There are countless studios all over the region that produce content both in Chinese and in English. The most famous one is the Hengdian movie studio. The Chinese movies also managed to become some of the most notable in the drama section.

The United Kingdom

This is another country producing well-known movies. The United Kingdom has a very long film making history and the recent boost of the industry comes from a tax reduction that was voted in 2016. The average income is around 6.5 billion dollars per year from box office. Some of the most famous actors in the English-speaking movies actually come from the island state. The British movie industry is one of the strongest in the world and definitely the most prominent in Europe.


During the ‘30s and ‘40s there were many Japanese films that became popular in the United States and this was the start of this country’s movie boom. The popularity of this country grew thanks to the anime trend and ever since the film industry was in a constant rise. The oldest movie producing studio first opened its doors in 1987. The Japanese wide-screen production and TV series are extremely popular world-wide, and they manage to generate stunning incomes each year.


Another very big and diverse country and we can definitely see this in its movie field, known as Bollywood. India produces more movies each year than the United States. There are countless studios all over the country and the growth in popularity is thanks to the recent years when more English-speaking movies were produced. People were fascinated by the culture and the Indian films definitely have a unique vibe of their own.

South Korea

A major trend setter in the media field in Asia. Most of the Asian trends first started in South Korea and the latest years proved to be amazing for the film industry in the country. The most spectacular part of this particular industry is that a lot of money is being invested in the movie sets and effects. This is why the Korean production became so popular all over the world. The country became the world trend setter, as well as providing the audiences with famed TV dramas.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : July 25, 2018
  • Category : FILM PRODUCTION