For as far back as seven decades, Cannes has overwhelmed the European festival circuit and set itself up as the most renowned film celebration on the planet. In any case, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t several other outside-the-box film celebrations worthy of a visit. Virtual reality (VR) is additionally proceeding to ascend in prominence, more film celebrations, both best in class and newer ones, are opening up virtual reality rivalries. Film enthusiasts and movie producers alike make certain to take note of these distinctive sorts of festivals in the datebook for 2018.

Zurich International Film Festival

The point of the Zurich International Film Festival is to offer groups of audience introduction into the work by the most encouraging producers from around the world and to advance the trading of thoughts between famous movie producers, experts in the film business, creative talent and people in general. The festival keeps on developing quickly and in 2017 alone, around 98,000 guests went to the its screenings. What’s more, producers vie for the craved Golden Eye – the festival’s principle award – in every one of the competition areas, including highlights and documentaries.

Boulder International Film Festival

The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF), promoted by the Colorado Film Society, is held yearly on Presidents Day Weekend in Colorado USA, and has built up a notoriety for being a standout amongst the most prominent youthful film celebrations in the U.S., showing various new – however obscure – element films, documentaries, liveliness, and shorts that have gone ahead to reach significant film industry achievements and numerous Oscar selections.The BIFF presented a new component (VR/360 film) named Virtual Reality Pavilion at the 2017 Festival, to showcase another sort of narrating background to the participants and the Boulder visitors.

SXSW- Virtual Cinea

SXSW is a yearly event including a unit of gatherings and celebrations that feature the merging of film, intuitive media and music ventures. The SXSW Virtual Cinema gives a chance to launch Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality activities to its special audience of people, Film, Tech and Music industry pioneers, and also admirers of everything entertainment and tech. VR/AR/MR movies, diversions, and intuitive tasks incorporate an aggregated runtime or review time of 40 minutes or less.

BFI London Film Festival

Propelled in 1953 as England’s response to Edinburgh, Cannes, and the rest, the BFI London Film Festival was expected to be a “festival of festivals”, displaying the most elite movies for Londoners and sightseers alike. Held in collaboration with the British Film Institute, the occasion screens more than 300 movies, documentaries, and shorts every year, submitted by producers from around 50 nations.Although movie festivals happen annually, this year it is more about virtual reality. VR has become the thing of today. Now this doesn’t mean that festivals like Cannes and Bafta have lost their appeal. It’s just that tech is making us see which was completely inconceivable years ago!


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : June 24, 2018
  • Category : FESTIVAL