Having a career in film production might be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Depending on your residential locations and the number of opportunities that are available to you, it can be a hard task to find a job. Knowing how to get started in filmmaking, having the proper orientation and taking the appropriate steps will get you much farther. Building a successful career in film industry does not necessarily depend on your degrees or schools but instead on your credibility and ingenuity. If you don’t find luck applying for existing jobs, you can take the option of working freelance by shooting local videos or starting your own production company. Here are steps on how to have a career in film production.


If you are chasing a career in film production, it is essential that you know a lot about it. It is imperative to understand more about the industry to ensure that you see the services required and how you can go about building your career.


Before you dabble in film production, it will help you a great deal to brush up on any technical software, technical or general knowledge skills that you need a review on. You can consider going to producing or film school to ensure that you get as qualified as possible before you start applying for jobs or offering out production services. A film school will teach you everything about production and the video and film industry in general. After your education, you will be well equipped with knowledge as well as projects that will prove the skills you have earned.


If you want to start applying for jobs, it is vital that you have an impressive resume. Put down all your educational background including you passed high school. If you have graduated from a film school, list projects or coursework you have worked on. You should also create a category mainly for industry experience where you will list all the jobs you’ve done that relate to the film industry. The aim is to show your employers what you have accomplished and the experiences you have. Lay emphasis on projects or events that you have played a significant role in a film production encompasses conducting the entire process of the film from the pre-production to post-production. Ensure that you include things that make you stand out from the crowd.


It will be a good idea that after you have written a resume it is a good idea to show it to someone so that they can give you advice on what else to include and things that may make your resume look better.


The effect of networking in getting any job cannot be overemphasized, but in the film industry, it is more important. Before you start networking within the industry, get out there and start socializing with strangers. Also be sure to stay in communication with your contacts, because they don’t know of any job opening now doesn’t mean they won’t forever.


If you find a project that you will like to be part of, contact the person in charge through mobile or any other contact method available. State your interest in the project and also your past experiences. Be sure to include how your contribution will benefit the project. Don’t forget to add a demo reel you created so that they can have a feel for your abilities.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : January 12, 2018
  • Category : FILM PRODUCTION