Costume design is an integral part of every movie production; it is essential in television, stage, video and movie productions. Costume designers create and dress costumes for actors in film and also characters on screen. These designers work very close to the director of the production and are often needed to create mood boards and examples for the director to go over. If you are love art and have a flair for design, you may want to build a career in costume designing. Costume designer is often needed for every movie or video production so if you’re going to become a designer; there are lots of cash awaiting you. Here are few tips on how to get into costume design.


Costume designer, mostly found anywhere actors and actresses perform. The costume design field covers more than just dressing actors and actresses. As a designer, you are to make sure that the costume choices not only fit the character perfectly but also fit the overall scenes involved. Just like other positions in the arts, there is no specific degree needed although there are programs for costume design within many colleges MFA programs. The course of study will give you the education you need to excel in the field and give you the initial contacts necessary to kick-start your career.


Although there are no formal degree or training requirements to become a costume designer, taking a bachelor’s degree program in costume design or a related field will help you obtain the knowledge and skills needed to work in the area. After learning about the history of clothing construction and costumes, you will be taught how to analyze character traits that will help in determining costuming choices. The short-term programs are designed primarily for costume design and would be suitable for students with a degree in fashion design or different aspects of theater.


You should refine your knowledge and skill in the costume design industry through personal, professional development or higher education. You can look to strengthen your skills in drawing and design because as a costume designer, you will need to sketch designs before creating costumes. Improving your ability to translate established vision is also essential to having a successful career. Knowledge of fabrics and also staying on top of the latest technology trend will be precious.


In other to get a job and get the proper connections in costume design, you may need to finish a costume design internship in a summer stock theater festival, regional theater or different venues. It will give you the opportunity to learn under experienced costume designer while working on productions and also building up your work experience.


In other to get a job in the industry, you may need to get an impressive resume. Ensure that you include all your educational backgrounds and also your work experiences. The portfolio is also an essential part of creating an excellent collection. Projects that you have completed your bachelor’s degree program and internship can also be added to your portfolio. Your portfolio may include costume drawing and sketches you have made and a photograph of costumes. Your completed resume can be sent out to production companies and prospective employers. You can’t underestimate the value of your portfolio as it helps you promote your work and assist you in securing gainful employment.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : January 29, 2018
  • Category : COSTUME DESIGN