Actors are the person who keeps the world a fun and lively place. They are the ruler of the entertainment industry; the one teens and young children see as role models. More often than not, they trudge through the roads before they get to their ultimate career goals. Have you ever thought of becoming a renowned actor or yours was a dream? What you need to understand is that your vision can only become a success and reality if you are ready to put in training, dedication, passion, time and patience if you are prepared to make it into Hollywood. Though, the steps to becoming an actor aren’t straightforward as other professions, here are some of the steps that will help you in reaching your ultimate career as an actor.


Acting should mostly be considered as a craft, and you should forget about the thought that someone somewhere will come to discover you out of nowhere for doing nothing. No matter how good Hollywood actors are, they always look for ways to improve themselves and be better at their craft. If it’s indeed your aim to become an actor you should be ready to take up acting classes. Be sure you learn a wide range of styles; this will allow you to perform at different conditions at any time.


Most successful actors start their careers during high school at the musicals and plays. Drama classes at high school would also introduce students to the art of performing. Drama classes at high school productions allow you to develop skills and gain experience of what it feels to be in front a large crowd. They also help you in getting to know how to prepare and fare at different auditions when you finally get to venture into the world of acting professionally or during your time at college.


Keep up going to audition and stay active in the acting world. You should look out for the interim workshop and small theatre companies; they help in keeping performers in their best form by giving them an enabling and perfect atmosphere where upcoming actors can get to show their talent and practice their craft. Networking opportunities are also available.  You don’t have to give up at any particular time because it can take several years before one could make a big break, but you can also get a steady stream of work. While you are thinking of ways to practice, you should consider trying improvisation theatre because most actors do count on this. It helps you to survive the critical situation and allows you to discover the things you are good at and love doing.


Since you must have gotten into some acting lessons or even learned the craft from school, you should look out for playhouses and theatres in your local area and start auditioning for various roles. Don’t mind if the position you may be given a place as an extra; it is going to be an experience from the backstage which also builds up your acting skills and this takes you a step closer to your dream.


Ensure that you get in many roles as you can get. Build a resume filled with a variety of performance that may include commercials, working as an extra, music video or anything that you feel gets attention.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : October 28, 2017
  • Category : ACTOR