There’s not enough hope and luck in the world that can make through an acting audition. Not even talent, hard work, friends or connections will save you from being in front of cast directors, crew, other fellow actors, agents and choreographers and not feeling nervous. What will actually help you nail your audition is being presentable and confident, so you can present yourself and your credentials in a very appealing way. A right set of tools and techniques to manage this come from body language.

In order to stand out and make yourself memorable, you need to use non verbal communication in your advantage. Don’t sleep on yourself when you’re not trying out: those moments are key to stand out, even when you think nobody is looking. If you wanna be shining in the middle of a crowd, pay attention to your body and use some hacks to take that part home.


When you show others that you believe in yourself, people will! Build your confidence and trust levels and it will show on your body language. Some tips to achieve this involve wearing comfortable clothes, listening to music that gets you pumped, power pose and take up space no matter how silly you might feel and think of accomplishments or successful moments you’re proud of. You will immediately feel good and your confidence will be boosted!


Correct facial expressions are your presentation card. Smiling can give people the vibe of a happy positive person, which is appealing and attractive. Show your teeth and raise your cheeks! Think of a happy moment or a good joke to give a real authentic smile, since ingenuine smiles are easy to spot and very repellent, so avoid them as well as displays of sadness, anger or discomfort while you’re going in and out of the audition (unless, of course, you’re asked to). Use the right micro expressions to genuinely communicate the feelings and vibes you need to instead of just acting like it, because fake impressions show.


The correct space to keep between the director and yourself is usually 4-12 feet away from the person, depending on the space you’re at, a quick calculation you should be able to make when you enter the room. A social-consultative distance lays between being far away enough so they can see your entire body but close enough so they can hear you clearly.  If directors talk to you to give you notes or ask a question about your resume, lean towards them while speaking. Always point your feet and chest on their direction, so it shows them you’re open and listening. Make sure you apply their directions immediately, because it makes you a likeable person and you show them you’re somebody easy to work with.


You need to be standing in a position that’s comfortable for you and can look relaxed and open. Find your launch stance for that first moment before auditioning where you’re standing in front of the audience and you look confident and prepared. This includes having both feet planted on the ground, no tip topping or shifting your feet, heads up, hands loose, shoulders back and no moving around. Be sure you’re standing in the right place before landing in this position, and practice it at home so you can be prepared.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : January 15, 2019
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