Movie industry is one of the most fascinating and profitable industries in the world. It focuses on making movies from the script to the movie premiere. Although this industry is quite young, it gained enormous popularity and it is still expanding. While the media attention focuses mainly on the actors, there are many other people that work side by side with the actors in order to make a movie. We have listed some of the most popular behind the scene jobs that many have in Hollywood. The producer can be considered the manager of the movie. He reads the script, consults with other writers, talk with the director, sends for auditions and so on. He also has the role to find investors for the movie in order to start the production. He also manages the costs of the set, the payment of the actors, the payment of the crew and so on. All in all, he does everything in order for the shooting to run smoothly.

Directors have the duty to oversee the artistic production of the movie. They can modify the script in order to have a better artistic effect and can hire special personnel for artistic effects. They often come in contradiction with the director mainly because of money. Many directors want to have the best set, the best special effects, the best everything in order to have beautiful scenes. The producer often searches for a cheaper alternative that is suitable for the director too.

Screenwriters are the people that come up with the story for the film or they can take an existing script and make it better. They ship their script to different agencies and when the script is selected the producing team starts to form. They also have to adapt their script when necessary in order to make the artistic process better. Film and video editors have one of the most important jobs behind the scene. They have to select from hundreds of hours of shooting the best scenes and then link all the other scenes into one flowing action. Their work is vital for the quality and the outcome of the movie.

The art director works together with the producer and the director to make a sketch of the set and the necessary elements. The art director also manages a huge team that has the role to assemble all these elements together and to modify the set when needed.

Cinematographer is another vital person of the film crew. Its role is tom shoot the scenes. Even though it may sound simple it is one of the most challenging jobs. They have to be careful with the lighting, sound, set and the position of the actors in order to take the best shots. Talent agents have the role of finding the next movie superstar. They ship headshots and photo albums of actors to different agencies and also have the role of selecting the best for their movie. They organize auditions and select the most suitable one.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : December 14, 2017
  • Category : HOLLYWOOD