The primary duty of a movie director is to be in charge of the creative aspects of the production of movies. In designing how a movie will look like, directors can make changes in a script, select locations for the film, put the finishing touches to costume designs, determine special effects as well as train actors. Their work always comes with a lot of stress, and they usually operate under deadlines. It is not uncommon in directing movies to work in a broad range of weather conditions.

Requirements for Career As Movie Director

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor’s degree is not a requisite addition for a career in movie directing. But it is recommended that one gets a degree in acting, communication, arts management, film, and related courses. The critical skills needed as a movie director are leadership, business, communication as well as creativity. And the average yearly salary for movie directors and producers is $105,550, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Steps You Need To Take To Become a Successful Movie Director

  1. Get Some Practical Experience in the Industry

As earlier stated, formal training, as well as education, is not required to pursue a career in movie directing. A lot of movie directors started producing movies like home movies or short films before attending film school. Other directors creatively acquire the fundamental skills without enrolling in a school for a degree.  For instance, a few experts became interested in movie directing by doing jobs in different aspects of film production or development, like acting, producing, or screenwriting. The professionals start as assistants and progress over time.

  1. Get a Relevant Degree

As an aspiring movie director, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in film, arts, etc. Typically, the duration of such programs is four years, and they provide classes in movie directing that assist student in acquiring skills including rehearsal procedure, casting, camera application and acting techniques. You should also consider doing an internship within the film industry to gain technical skills and be versed in the nitty-gritty of movie production.

  1. Develop Your Career

To become a successful movie director, you can also get a master’s degree in fine arts. The program typically lasts for three years and can assist you in developing your career as a movie director.  The course generally concentrates on skills for film management and assisting directors in managing people across several different aspects of movie production.  As an aspiring graduate, you should find master’s programs that have been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre, NAST. Doing this is necessary to make sure that you earn a master’s degree that is recognized nationally.

  1. Don’t Stop Learning

Owing to the fact the movie industry is very competitive, a lot of potential movie directors earn advanced training The Directors Guild of America, DGA, provides a training program for an assistant director, where students receive practical training on the set of real movies.  Graduates of this program may become DGA members and are considered as assistant directors on movie production.


  • Author : Siry
  • Date : February 10, 2018